Sunday, July 25, 2010

Might be or maybe?

I feel like writing a new post after a while... a super lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngg rest. I don't know where else to find some help, probably here's the easiest shortcut since there's no one I could lend a shoulder. Well, it's summer most of all people are gone leaving for our native land.

My weekends were awesome, I suppose. I got some stuff going on from early in the morning--ate, did my laundry, went to a movie theater, woke up, cooked, went to the Lake Calhoun, took a stroll... Monmon or Mr Gru really knows how to make me smile anyhow. :) (Perhaps, I should be grateful to have a person like him even though he's a coffee addict... 4 large cups of coffee in a day??? What is that supposed to mean? ) Haha... Still, to some extent I feel like it could just be a temporary happiness as I might again be in sadness that has been filling a third of my life.

I know it's my own fault for not studying as hard as I could (desperately need a 4.0 to cover everything), so I couldn't even think of what my future path might be. It might be bright, it might be somewhat clear, or it might be pitch-black. I dunno... I'm too bored to just say it's gonna happen anytime soon. Can I be a full-time housewife??? huhuhuhu... Giving up? I should have not even think of it since it's like a waste of time of traveling so far to get a piece of paper. What would they say? I used to dream of enjoying a lucrative lifestyle too. huhuhu...

Anyways, entering his gym was cool. It's like venturing his personal life that he's been synonym with since high school. I guess I just hurt my back instantly and so badly from trying the back extension. Heh? (It was my first time ever and he was my coach. MY COACH...) Ci-ci-ci... He likes whenever I say it because it always reminds him of the almost-stuck-forever-in-his-head-Malay word. Always, it tickles me a lot when he's being a lil sneaky... :) (Oodles of fun)

Okie... maybe I should stop now before I turn to be draggy... Bye...

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